A Blonde Who’s Totally Breaking It: Eagles Cheerleader Serves Two Tours in Afghanistan

Here’s a Blonde who’s seriously Breaking it: Rachel Washburn, A Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader and ROTC college student, signed up for the Army after finishing school and was deployed in 2011 for two tours in Afghanistan. There she won a Bronze Star for helping Afghan women and children in the Army’s new Cultural Support Program. This weekend the Eagles awarded her with a “Hometown Hero” award, nominated by her Army dad. Sniff.


It’s amazing to see women who are breaking these ironclad stereotypes. Think cheerleader: if you’re like most people, you think of curves but not much else. This gal proves that those kinds of barriers are meant to be broken: just because you’ve got a hot body and you know how to use it doesn’t mean you can’t think for yourself. You can be smart and courageous and motivated too.

Rachel also shared a couple of lessons she learned while serving in the armed forces — one of the most traditional, patriarchal organizations there is these days:

“With the program that I did in my first deployment, we were part of…change, and nothing motivates me more than being an example of what motivated females can be in the military. I just hope the military continues to progress and that skilled individuals are afforded the opportunities available to them.”

Yep, progress DOES happen when women like Rachel do what they love.


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