Snopocalypse 2014: NYC’s First Winter Storm of the Year, in Photos

What a way to ring in the New Year for an Arizonan native: No sooner had I come back to NYC from 70-degree weather from my trip to visit my parents in Tucson, Arizona that we had freezing temps and our first snow storm of the year. And not just any snow storm, we were warned. This beast, which forecasters named Hercules — that one, the adrenaline-junkie Greek god known for his giant…um… biceps? – was predicted to unleash fury on the northeast. Well below-freezing temps (we’re talking in the 20s for the high…and 3 for the low), high winds, six to eight inches of snow; Olivier and I just called it The “snowpocalypse”:


When Hurricane Sandy hit the previous October, we went for a week without power (definitely minor compared to what happened to some on the east coast). But for someone used to weather mostly actually helping (the sun serving as power for air conditioning and hair driers) and not harming (rain and snow cutting power lines), it was challenging. Since my office on Houston was closed for the week, I edited my baby and sex content from my fiance Olivier’s hedge fund office in midtown (going to say I got more than one muffled laugh as his coworkers peeked at me editing content about cervical mucus over my shoulder), showering at the gym nearby (where there was a line just to get into the bathroom and people huddled near the electrical outlets to power their laptops and cellphones). In any case, we weren’t very prepared that time around, so we decided it wouldn’t hurt to stockpile some goods just in case this storm was as Herculean as we heard it might be:


OK, we’re still figuring out this stockpiling thing.

Then we huddled up in bed under two layers of down comforters as the steam heaters hissed and waited for morning.

And what a morning it was! I have to say, I can definitely do without the nose-numbing temperatures and mucky brown snow slush the days following a snow storm. But the city sure is all the more beautiful the day after a big snow storm. I took my camera with me on my way to work, only a few short subway stops away from our apartment. It was great! Apparently most of New York decided to take a snow day, so the platforms and trains were empty (and including my office, where only about 50 of 500 people showed up):


Shoveling out snow from the subway steps


My work station!


The view of Jersey and the Hudson River from my office

There you have it! Snopocalypse #1 of 2014, in photos.


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