My Fourth Grade Essay on Chocolate (Kind of Makes Me Want to Eat Chocolate)


I was going through some old files yesterday when I stumbled across two drafts of an essay I wrote — yikes I’m almost ashamed to admit it! — 20 years ago, when I was in fourth grade. It made me smile, so I figured I’d share it:

September 22, 1993


I absolutely love chocolate. The reasons why are because: It’s sweet & I love sweet stuff. It’s just good old plain chocolate. It has that diffent [sic] taste. It comes in mints, which I love too. But there are bad parts too, just like with all desserts. If It’s all that I eat, I start feeling sick.

My fourth grade teacher, Ms. Lafrenz, was wonderful; she taught me my first lessons in creative writing — and I credit her for helping me to discover my love of words. Her feedback, I’m sure, was to make my piece descriptive, a little more show and less tell.

OK. Round two:

October 1, 1993

Chocolate, Chocolate!!

As you may know, CHOCOLATE happens to be people’s favorite type of desert [sic], all over the U.S. But However, out of all the people, I am the person that desires the sweet, crunchy sensation of chocolate the most. I love to bite down on the firm shell, and taste the creamy, but sort of solid center of the brown, chewy chocolate. Right now I can imagine the pleasantly sweet taste, permanently stuck to my toung [sic]. Oh, how I can not stand this sugary, sweet taste! Now how I just have to describe it! Thinking about it, it tastes like a wonderful chocolate land store, filled with all the chocolates you could imagine! Chocolate mints, smothered in a deep, dark brown chocolate. Ohhh, how I idolize the sweet taste of a chocolate mint, melting in my mouth, ever so slowly, so tasty. But after I think about it for so much time. I rember [sic] those horrible tummy aches I got when I ate too much of it. So now I guess that chocolate is so sweet tasting, but it doesn’t always turn out so great.

There you have it: A little chocolate fiend, attempting to describe a chocolate experience. Surprising how little has changed over the past 20 years (though these days, a good glass of wine is a very close second).


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