Hobby Lobby: 6 Benefits of Birth Control You Might Not Know

I wrote a piece last week about Hobby Lobby where I work as an editor, at WhatToExpect.com. While most proponents of the Supreme Court’s ruling argue that it only blocks access to a few forms of birth control, the problem is the ruling takes what should be a decision exclusively between a woman and her doctor and makes it something her employer may decide for her, based on moral grounds. And for some of us (myself included), hormonal birth control pills just aren’t an option for health reasons. That’s where an IUD comes in. It’s not cheap ($1,000 or more, plus the cost of insertion), making it out of reach for many working-class Americans without health coverage. But like other forms of birth control, is an essential tool to ensure women’s health. 

Pop on over and take a read!

Hobby Lobby


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